IT Support Engineer
Italian language


  • Manages assigned tasks related to technical issues and provides telephone support to on-site technicians for active hardware such as routers, switches, CISCO PBX, wireless networks, VLANs, IP class system, xDSL / communications FTTx
  • Manages service continuity and settlement issues within the communications system with authorized partners and the IT Operations team
  • Manages contracts with mobile communication operators including the billing system
  • Continuously monitors, reviews and optimizes costs with the communications and telephony system.
  • Escalates communication system issues to Team-Leader and coordinators.


  • minimum technical experience in installing, configuring and managing IP communication networks (LAN / WAN, MPLS, VPN, VLAN, WiFi, QoS), setting up and configuring network services (DNS, DHCP, static and dynamic routes)IPSEC, MPLS configuration knowledge.
  • knowledge about the infrastructure and transit devices from xDSL, FTTx, Radio typology.
  • technical experience working with technologies in the field of network security and data protection (firewall systems)
  • technical experience with CISCO type communication and telephony systems, Gigaset
  • technical experience in the installation, configuration, troubleshooting and administration of CISCO / HUAWEI type equipment: routers, switches, wireless access points, etc.
  • experience working with the interconnection of various technologies (Windows, Cisco, Citrix, TCP / IP, DNS, Active Directory);
  • Spoken Italian language B2, compulsory

It offers:

  • Young and friendly team
  • Training in the field
  • Schedule 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday
  • Possibility to grow and gain valuable professional knowledge
  • Competitive remuneration